This blog is about ‘awakening from the dream of separation’ with the realization that there is no separate entity, a self or a ‘me’, other than an idea, who supposedly owns and governs a small fragment of life.

But do not believe any words that are written here; that would be futile. Rather LOOK. These posts are only pointers where to look.

You can read about me and get a glimpse of my guiding style on my webpage.
On the testimonials page you can read what others say about me.


To get more information about private sessions please visit my website.
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5 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a beacon of light dear soul, thank you for showing me another path, to a different and but for me, a better understanding.


    • Thank you Usha for your kind words. 🙂
      The word ‘wisdom’ implies some kind of knowledge or a hidden ‘information’ that one can obtain while others not. However, it is not about the intellect. These posts is not about sharing ‘my knowledge’; that would be totally futile and useless. These posts about pointing where to LOOK. Intellectual understanding cannot help. ‘You’ have to SEE it for ‘yourself’.
      But from what you wrote I assume that some seeing already happened ❤


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