There are as many worlds as humans on the planet

When you are sitting in a cinema surrounded by a hundred other people to see the latest movie, what do you think how many movies are seen in that same room? Or, when you read a bestseller book which has been sold in one million copies, how many stories have actually been read? The general assumption would be that there was only one movie screened that had been watched by a hundred people, and just one book read by millions. But is this really the case?

025This assumption is based on the core belief that there is a stand-alone, independent world out there, which is totally separate from ‘me’. But when the apparent world is examined in direct experience, it turns out that this is cannot be further from the truth.

The whole world is a mirror.
We see the world through ‘our own’ beliefs.
The whole world reflects back ‘our selves’.

Because the ‘human mind’ cannot help but project.
The ‘human mind’ is literally a projector.

This is how it works, and this is completely ‘normal’. Projection is part of the functioning of the ‘mind’. Similarly to the digestive tract that digests, the ‘mind’ projects. All the sensory inputs are filtered through a huge and intricate web of beliefs and all happenings are interpreted according to them.

So going back to the cinema and book analogies, there are as many movies being watched as people sitting in the cinema, and as many books being read as readers who read them. There is no objective reality ‘out there’.

Nothing is independent from ‘me’. The biggest ‘enlightened’ guru who seems to emanate only peace and love IS ‘me’. He is my projection, my creation. I project peace and love onto him. I cannot feel others emotions, it is impossible. It only feels real, because ‘my own’ peace that is currently felt in the body is projected onto him. I cannot feel his emanation; I can only feel the sensations arising in this body that are labelled as peace.

Or, a ruthless killer is also ‘me’, but this is probably a bit harder to let in. ‘My own’ set of beliefs are projected onto him interpreting his actions through my convictions about sin, good or bad, life and death, what should or should not happen and how things suppose to be.

The world is ‘my’ face looking back from the mirror.
Others are who ‘I’ believe them to be.
There are as many worlds as humans on the planet.
Therefore, individuals can never really meet.

The ‘mind’ projects its ‘internal’ world, its worldview to the seemingly outside world, and thus twists and overrides what IS with its story about it.

The whole world is ‘my’ making.
Seeing this is freedom.
Without the story the world is not a dangerous place anymore.
Reality is neutral.

35 thoughts on “There are as many worlds as humans on the planet

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  13. I am just coming to terms with this new reality to ‘me’. Its a bit of a rude awakening to say the least, very unfamiliar ground but at the same time, very familiar, if you can catch my drift, lol. Though seeming a harsh reality of truth, I am willing and able I think now, to soak it all in. Just today, synchronicity came to me, revealing all that you speak about. At first, it was a lot to swallow and the ‘invented self’ didn’t want to fully accept it, though after coming across your blog, I let more information sink in. Thank you so much for this introduction, I plan to explore more of these truths. I’ve been searching it seems for eons, and now I feel I have closer to the truth. I will be reading more of this wisdom, so to discover and learn more, to finally ‘free my invented self’ and remove all the fears, that bind me. Blessed be.


    • Hi Rachelle,
      You wrote: “harsh reality of truth”
      What if that this is just a thought that does not point to anything real?
      Can ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ be harsh?
      Can they have any attributes?
      Can the content of a thought ever be ‘true’ or ‘real’?
      What is fear? What if fear is just a thought-story?


  14. Thank you for replying Vivien, I have just completed absorbing all of your written information. I figure, because of my remnants of ‘mind-trap fear’ and the inexperience of living this, its still a difficult concept to grasp. But I feel certain, that eventually, I will be able to live it as ‘my reality’ as I deprogram my old patterns and live in a fearless existence.

    May I ask, how and when did these revelations come to you? How did you come about this wisdom. Will you be adding more to your blog daily, as I am totally intrigued.

    Is there other links that you can suggest to me, other people with this wisdom, that I could benefit from, to bring me to a further understanding.
    I am so appreciative for this door of opportunity, it has opened up many of closed doors and for that, I am truly grateful and looking forward to more of the same.
    Sincerely, Rach.


  15. oops, …my mind is tired from so much thought processing, so I left out the question marks. …its not a biggie I know, just ‘me’ being anal. hehe, later dear soul.


  16. Much appreciated Vivien. I followed your lead and found this site to be very interesting and feel its a perfect place to start this journey for me. I watched the entire Vid “Buddha at the Gas Pump”, it was long, but was well worth it, a good introduction.

    I would like your opinion, would you recommend that I read the PDF book “Gateless Gatecrashers” first, before joining up? Another question, can I observe for a while before I jump in to get involved?

    Looking so forward to this new and exciting adventure. I expect nothing, other than a deeper wisdom and understanding for a lot of nagging questions that I’ve had for so long, to finally be answered, so I am sure it will be a wonderful experience.

    See you hopefully, on the flipside. love eternally, Rach.


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